Brivis Climate Systems  is a company that manufactures and distributes heating and cooling systems. The cooling products from the Australian Gas Association includes Contour series, Brivis profiler, Brivis advance and add on cooling series.

The Contour coolers from Brivis Climate Systems have a unique shape such that this cooler uses three times less water than other coolers. The Contour cooling products require less maintenance. The sealed water proof chamber of the cooling system contains a pump which ensures that the cooler pads are soaked in clean water. The Trident water sensor of the Contour series helps in estimating the number of times clean water has been added during the operation of the coolers.

Brivis profiler has features similar to Contour coolers and in addition it has a Brivis designed fan which maximises the airflow during operation. Bravis advance has similar features like Brivis profile and it looks attractive on roofs. The variable speed fan of Bravis advance helps clients to use wide range of speeds and it also allows the cooler to run slower in comparison with the other coolers.

Brivis Integrated Climatic Equipment (ICE) series air conditioner is a new cooler series from Brivis Climate Systems, which incorporates all the features of other cooling models. The Brivis ICE series can be used as a heating system as well as a cooling system.