Brivis Climate Systems  specialises in offering climatic systems for heating and cooling applications. The heating systems offered by Brivis Climate Systems include the Multiplex MPS heater series and the Classic series.

The heating models of multiplex series include five star rated high efficiency heaters and four star rated medium efficiency heaters. The multiplex heater series is an environment friendly gas ducted heater. All Multiplex MPS heater series from Brivis Climate Systems have a hot surface ignition to start the heating process.

The heating models have two confirmation rods on either side of the heaters, to ensure that there is ignition of the whole burner. The heaters from Brivis Climate Systems are capable of reducing the heat output up to 60%.

Since the Multiplex heating system series has advanced energy management system, it aids in zoning process. This zoning helps clients to divide the heating areas and heat them individually. Once the temperature inside reaches the normal temperature, the burners inside the heating unit will turn off automatically.

The Multiplex series are offered with an advanced controller called the networker. Brivis Climate Systems also offers LPG and natural gas heater models. Brivis Climate Systems offers 529 interface, which aids in the connection of the MPS heaters to the home automation systems. Brivis Climate Systems offers 519 interface for classical heaters. The classic heaters also have a 2.5 to 3 star energy rating.