Brivis Climate Systems offers an efficient cooling solution for homes to keep cool in the summer months ahead.

Ineffective air conditioning systems can make the home hot, dry and uncomfortable. Homeowners across Australia have to make sure their home cooling systems are adequate for the sweltering temperatures that can be expected in summer. The award-winning Brivis Iceberg is an evaporative cooling system that will keep the home naturally cool and comfortable and is also effective even with doors and windows open, making it ideal for enjoying the summer in alfresco style.

Evaporative cooling, available in the Brivis Iceberg system, is based on a totally natural process of warm air cooled by water. This means, the cooling system won't dry out the air, or irritate the skin, throat and eyes. Brivis Iceberg creates a fresher and healthier environment in the room by providing completely natural cool air that is never recirculated so that smells and airborne germs are continuously expelled.

Evaporative cooling is also up to 50 per cent cheaper to install and seven times cheaper to run than other types of air conditioning systems.

Brivis Iceberg evaporative cooling systems are designed to fit neatly in the roof space, drawing air in from outside, converting it into cool air via evaporation, and then quietly distributing the cool air as a gentle breeze throughout the home via a network of optimally placed ceiling ducts. Offering a 93 per cent efficiency rating, the Iceberg features intelligent water saving technology and uses natural, clean air to cool the home space.

Brivis National Sales & Marketing Manager, Romano Bolzon explains that cooling systems are a long-term investment, and homeowners must consider several key points before deciding on the type of air conditioners for their homes.

For instance, homeowners must buy for the future; the system should not only meet their current needs but also support them in the future. A good cooling system increases the value of the home, and the investment will pay off in the coming years.

The choice of air conditioning systems will also depend on how the home is used in summer. The cooling system should be able to support the possibility of kids constantly opening doors to go in or out to play; modern indoor-outdoor living if the home is designed for it; or the specific preference of the homeowner to keep the whole home cool all the time as against just a few areas at a time.

During the summer months, everyone wants their living area cool throughout the day and their bedrooms cool at night. Ducted evaporative cooling can provide whole house cooling as well as zoned cooling through a network of outlets located in the ceiling.

Evaporative cooling systems offer cost advantages when different types of air conditioners are considered in terms of both installation and day-to-day running costs. With ducted systems, an evaporative cooler is cheaper to install and much cheaper to run.

Unlike refrigerated cooling, which requires all doors and windows to remain closed to maintain a cooler temperature, evaporative cooling allows doors and windows to be left open, making it ideal for homes with children.

Brivis advises homeowners to consult with an air conditioning specialist about system performance on very hot summer days so that the final decision is backed by the assurance the cooling system can achieve the desired cooling performance.

Brivis won the Good Design Award for 2015 in the Hardware and Building category for the design and manufacture of the Brivis Iceberg evaporative cooling system. The Good Design Award is one of the most coveted prizes for design and innovation in the world.