A creative curved roof design on two townhouses in Melbourne features unglazed terracotta shingle tiles from Boral Roofing .

Located in the prestigious east Melbourne suburb of Canterbury, the townhouses were designed and built by architect Phillip Mannerheim and master builder Brian Lee. The highlight of the design, which was a finalist in the Roof Tile Excellence category of the 2014 Think Brick Australia awards, is a refined curved roof finished in Boral unglazed terracotta shingle tiles.

Architect Phillip Mannerheim explained that the curved roof using the flat shingle was aesthetically appealing and cost-efficient. A major challenge during the project was to create a design that met neighbourhood and council approval. Both the architect and builder were confident Boral terracotta shingles would work on the curved design.

Given a very short timeframe for completion, they were able to achieve the skill and precision required for installation, and the results met their expectations. According to Mannerheim, the cost savings were very pleasing while the sale price was a positive reflection of the design.

Builder Brian Lee agreed, explaining that the shingle roof tiles provided the look of a slate roof at less than half the cost; the curved roof was achieved by using straight timbers; the mansard roof trusses were made with a double pitch of 30° and 50°; and the curve was created by installing an infill chord between the two pitches.

He added that the Boral terracotta shingles were specified on style, function and price factors, and the use of these roof tiles enabled the project to be completed on time and on budget.

Boral terracotta shingle roof tiles offer an ideal roofing solution for those seeking design flexibility and lasting colour.

Key features include: crafted from prepared natural clays kiln-fired to temperatures of 1100°C for exceptional strength; vitrification process creating resistance to harsh UV exposure allowing long-term colour retention; choice of colours to offset the tiles’ natural earthy composition; low maintenance, durable roofing; and 50-year warranty.