An extremely versatile building material, fibre cement is made of cement reinforced with cellulose fibres, sand and recycled wood. It is used extensively in all parts of Australia in interior and exterior applications because of its strength, durability and aesthetic advantages. Providing good acoustic insulation, fibre cement is low-maintenance and resistant to rot, water damage and termites.

Fibre cement panels and weatherboards allow for a variety of architectural finishes such as paint, acrylic render, stone and texture. Read on to discover more about the benefits of this versatile composite building material.

What is the best fibre cement cladding?

Innova has a wide range of high quality BGC Fibre Cement solutions. Innova’s extensive range includes a multitude of products for facades and linings in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional applications with products such as Duracom, Nuline Plus and Montage.

Duracom is ideal for creating exterior cladding systems in low-to-medium rise buildings. With its smooth, flat surface and square-edge finish, Duracom delivers a strikingly modern, durable finish. 

Nuline Plus is a weatherboard-style cladding system perfect for achieving a seductive and modern look. Nuline Plus fibre cement weatherboards have a style that echoes real timber.

Montage is a versatile fibre cement facade system that can be used both externally and internally. It comes pre-formed, pre-finished and non-combustible, making it a durable, safe and aesthetic addition to your project.

Is fibre cement fireproof?

Fibre cement does not ignite, will not facilitate the production of heat or spread of fire, and will not emit smoke. For this reason, BGC’s fire-resistant fibre cement boards are suitable for buildings in areas that are vulnerable to bushfires. 

Duracom, Nuline Plus and other Innova products comply with BAL-40 as required in Australian Standard 3959-2018, making these cladding products suitable for bushfire-prone areas.

When it comes to fire-resistant cladding panels and weatherboards, BGC’s cement board products are up there with the very best. These products undergo rigorous fire testing to meet stringent BCA regulations.

Fibre cement is available in a wide range of shapes, profiles and thicknesses, including weatherboards and fibre cement sheets. This building material is suitable for use in wet areas, resistant to biological degradation, easy to install with lightweight characteristics, resistant to impact damage when using thicker and compressed sheets, and dimensionally stable when finished and installed correctly. Fibre cement offers design flexibility in framed construction applications in terms of form and finish.

BGC’s fibre cement boards from Innova

Tough, durable, fire-resistant and waterproof, fibre cement is often selected over wood, and rendered on masonry, metal, regular cement and stucco. It can last up to 50 years, is low-maintenance, and costs less than other fire-resistant cladding, which can be heavy and complicated to install. Fibre cement cladding can also better withstand hail, storms, natural disasters and fires.

Customers looking for fibre cement board suppliers in Australia can trust Innova to deliver the fibre cement facades they need according to their exact specifications.