Fibre cement has a long and successful history, with uses in all types of construction. The material is commonly utilised as a protective, insulating and weather-proof skin to a range of buildings, but its suitability for interior use is often overlooked. Today, the design community is recognising opportunities to take advantage of  fibre cement’s many benefits for interior applications, including as wall lining, flooring and more.

Fibre Cement for Interiors Applications: Benefits, Uses and Design Considerations explores the multi-purpose use, benefits and qualities of fibre cement for interior applications. We highlight the wide range of design options available for modern fibre cement products. This paper also discusses how well fibre cement stacks up against common interior materials such as plasterboard, MDF and timber. Finally, we present a range of fibre cement solutions that will expand your interior design possibilities.

Innova™ is Australia’s top supplier of exterior cladding and interior cladding, lining and flooring solutions. The company’s high-performing Innova™ range includes interior fibre cement solutions that will easily withstand the rigours of normal daily life while adding vitality and style to the appearance of any interior decor.

Download this whitepaper for an exploration of the multi-purpose applications, benefits and qualities of fibre cement for modern interiors.


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