The Robe project, situated along the South Australian coastline, seamlessly blends modern living with natural beauty. Architect Tim Hodges aimed to maximise the property’s elevation and breathtaking views, creating a coastal retreat that seamlessly connects indoor and outdoor spaces.


Innova’s Nuline Plus weatherboards were chosen for their aesthetic appeal and resilience to coastal elements. The project showcases meticulous attention to detail through the use of Innova’s Intergroove ceilings, ensuring a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor areas. The combination of Nuline Plus weatherboards and Stratum weatherboards adds texture to the facade, making the Robe project a testament to innovative design and practical material choices.

Architect Tim Hodges’ commitment to the client’s vision led to a residence that perfectly integrates with its surroundings, emphasising the importance of coastal aesthetics. The use of Innova’s weatherboards and high raked ceilings enhances the ocean views and creates a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Beyond aesthetics, the choice of fibre cement over timber highlights its longevity and low maintenance, crucial in a coastal environment. The Robe project exemplifies the transformative capabilities of Innova fibre cement, turning architectural dreams into living realities that endure.

Project details

Project: The Robe Coastal Retreat

Location: Robe, SA

Client: Gibbs Construction

Architect: Tim Hodges

Sector: Residential

Products: Innova’s Nuline Plus weatherboards, Stratum weatherboards, Innova’s Intergroove ceilings