Chancellor Construction, with over 12 years of experience in the construction industry, specialises in residential terrace townhouses primarily in Auckland, New Zealand. The SELO Project, comprising 236 terrace townhouses with amenities including a basketball court and shopping precincts, showcases the company’s dedication to quality and innovation.

Chancellor Construction selected Innova Stratum and Stratum Duo for cladding, and Durasheet for the soffit lining, emphasising safety and ease of installation. The outcome was outstanding, earning the project two awards at the Property Council Awards.

Chancellor Construction’s choice of Innova non-combustible fibre cement wall systems for the SELO Project was driven by practical and aesthetic considerations. The Innova products, praised for their ease of installation and lighter weight, met the criteria for an affordable, low-maintenance design. The success of the SELO Project solidified Chancellor Construction’s trust in Innova products for future high-volume housing projects, highlighting Innova as a dependable construction partner in Auckland’s ever-evolving construction industry.

“We selected Innova Stratum, which we used horizontally and vertically. In addition to Stratum, we selected Nuline Plus horizontal weatherboard, which blends seamlessly into the urban fabric… the development predominantly has a lot of dark colours, that’s why we selected fibre cement. It’s more durable and can withstand those dark colours attracting the heat,” explained BDG Architects director Ben Collings.