Innova™ Duraplank™ is a general-purpose fibre cement weatherboard look cladding system for exterior applications. The manufactured plank is inspired by traditional weatherboards featuring similarities in appearance and installation methods. Fibre cement cladding systems such as Duraplank™ are a trusted choice for builders, designers and architects as well as DIYers and homeowners.

Unlike timber weatherboards, Duraplank™ is not subject to timber rot, decay, or white ant damage, and is non-combustible. The result is a safer, more durable cladding that requires minimum maintenance.

Duraplank™ boasts the strength and durability to withstand the rigours of everyday life. Appealing in looks and offering easy installation, Duraplank™ is available in Smooth and Woodgrain finishes, and is ideal for exterior cladding of upper storey conversions or ground level extensions. Each option is aesthetically pleasing with a different look to suit the style of your next project.

The two finishes create two very different looks, depending on whether your project calls for a more traditional or modern look:

Woodgrain – mimicking the look of woodgrain. The woodgrain finish replicates the traditional look of timber weatherboards without the maintenance of timber.

Smooth – a modern look with a smooth finish with long clean lines creating a seamless fresh look.

Duraplank™ has been designed to withstand the harsh Australian conditions, and is cost effective and low maintenance.

Technical Product Information

Duraplank™ is manufactured from Portland cement, finely ground silica, cellulose fibres and water. Planks are cured in a high-pressure steam autoclave to create a durable, dimensionally stable product.

Innova™ warrants that their products are free from defects caused by faulty manufacture or materials for a period of 25 years from the date of purchase for the Duraplank™ range.

Energy Efficient Insulation

Energy efficiency requirements have been introduced for both commercial and residential buildings. Thermal heat transfer into and out of the building will affect the running cost of the building. Architects, engineers and building designers will carefully consider the thermal heat transfer of every project.

Fibre cement has insulating properties that minimise heat retention in summer and heat loss in winter.

Features & Benefits

There are many features and benefits to installing the Duraplank™ cladding system. Duraplank™ has a similar style to traditional weatherboards, allowing for a more traditional look without the risks of decay, rot, or white ant damage of timber.

The durable fibre cement cladding systems have excellent thermal and noise insulation qualities as well as good weatherproofing properties.

Duraplank™ is safe and durable, complying with BAL29 as required in AS3959:2018 – Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas.