‘Innova™ in Adelaide’ features 6 stunning projects located across the Adelaide landscape. Incorporating a multitude of Innova™ products, these projects showcase a variety of aesthetic design outcomes, visual appeal, and practical application of the Innova fibre cement product range.

Across the 6 projects, the Innova™ products used are: Nuline™ Plus, Stonesheet™, Stratum™, Duragroove™, Duratex™, Duragrid™, Durafloor™, Durascape™ and Duraplank™.

The two featured builders are G.J. Gardner and Enduro Builders.

G.J. Gardner has built over 36,000 quality, customised homes across Australian since the early 1980s. The builder continues to grow on their mantra of “ensuring every customer would refer us to their closest friend”. Throughout the building of their projects, the team is dedicated to sourcing the highest quality materials and executing the project with the highest standard of workmanship.

Enduro Builders is South Australia’s most sought-after builder, designer and constructor of high performance and sustainable homes, creating unique, modern, and high-end luxury homes. Enduro Builders delivers energy-efficient homes due to the use of high-quality energy-efficient materials and the Enduro team of certified passive house tradespeople and consultants.

Petswood by G.J. Gardner

This stunning project features a Nuline™ Plus fibre cement facade wrapping around the whole house. The fibre cement board cladding is a prominent design feature and when painted, delivers a bespoke and unique look.

The large home features the Nuline™ Plus Square profile. This weatherboard fibre cement cladding system echoes the look of real timber.

One major advantage of using Nuline™ Plus boards for your next project is they are factory sealed and ready for painting. They are highly durable, and will not rot or decay. They are quick and simple to install with manual nailing, a nail gun or screw fixing.

Due to the rural location, fire resistant products were imperative in the design of this home. Therefore, compliance with BAL40 was an important factor in the decision-making process as the property is in a bushfire-prone area.

Upper Hermitage by G.J. Gardner

Stunning views of the rolling hills, no matter which way you look at from this home, the fibre cement facade sits perfectly in this location. The design intent was a longstanding weatherboard style home, which has been achieved through the use of Nuline™ Plus and Stonesheet™.

Visually, the combination between the crisp white painted fibre cement facade panels and Stonesheet creates a striking aesthetic.

Designed especially as a substrate for both residential interior and exterior applications, Stonesheet is an excellent alternative where other non-specifically designed substrates have been used.

Stonesheet™ is coupled with Innova™’s Nuline™ Plus – a fibre cement weatherboard style cladding system that is quick and easy to install.

Mansfield Park by G.J. Gardner

Designed and executed specifying a multitude of Innova™ products, these townhouses have a unique look bringing several textures and products together to create the final look.

Stratum™ Woodgrain light teak features on the front of the home. The fibre cement product has an uncanny woodgrain-like appeal. This project features Stratum Woodgrain as a visual feature on the upper level of the townhouse.

Set vertically along one side of the house, Duragroove™ extra wide fibre cement cladding system is featured. Duragroove™ is an adaptable, vertically grooved panel system available in different profiles and spacing. Duragroove™ has a shiplap join to ease and speed up your installation.

On the other side of the house, Duragrid™ is featured painted in the same colour as the Duragroove™ on the other side. Duragrid™ has been specified on this project for its robust and hardwearing properties as well as resistance to termites, air, steam, salt and sunlight.

Duratex™ frames the front of the home visually separating the lower from the upper level. Duratex™ is a tough, durable and waterproof fibre cement product perfect for house cladding and for buildings in bushfire areas, providing a solid substrate for applied decorative finishes when combined with proprietary jointing and coating systems.

Durafloor™ has been specified for interior wet areas of the home – a great choice due to its greater impact resistance, which feels more solid underfoot than timber-based sheet products. Durafloor can also be used for a variety of exterior uses.

Mt Barker by Enduro Builders

Featuring Innova™’s Durascape™, this double storey home has a robust fibre cement cladding system.

“We chose to use Durascape™ sheets on our display home as it provides the benefit of an almost monolithic finish for a fraction of the cost. This helps us to give the building a sense of scale when viewed from a distance, while also providing definition and detail when you’re up close,” said Enduro Builders’ Jackson Digney.

The fibre cement sheeting is lightweight and durable, ideal for medium height installations. The exterior fibre cement cladding is unaffected by termites, air, steam, salt and sunlight, making it the perfect application for a wide range of locations.

Durascape™ is excellent for covering large areas of facade and external cladding. Flexible in design, Durascape™ can be finished onsite with a roll-on textured paint to create an appealing ‘rendered’ look.

Mt Barker – Duraplank by Enduro Builders

This double storey townhouse features fibre cement cladding on the upper storey. Mirroring the look of traditional weatherboards, there are multiple fibre cement board finishes in the Duraplank™ range to create the aesthetic that best suits your next project.

This home features a traditional look with the benefits of fibre cement exterior cladding – no rot, decay or white ant damage. Duraplank™ is safe and durable requiring minimum maintenance.

Campbelltown by A2Z Homes

Two townhouses with a distinct visual aesthetic feature multiple Innova™ products in their construction. Montage™ Woodgrain light teak frames the main bedrooms at the front of each property. The woodgrain look has a striking visual effect with the bonus of the benefits of using fibre cement cladding.

The exterior fibre cement cladding on these townhouses is Duratex™ – a tough, durable, waterproof and fire-resistant fibre cement product perfect for house cladding and for buildings in bushfire areas.

“We were impressed with the final look of the Montage™ Woodgrain product we used in the Campbelltown project. It gave us the neat real look of timber,” said A2Z Homes’ Fadi Daou.

Duratex™ provides a solid substrate for applied decorative finishes when combined with proprietary jointing and coating systems.

Duragrid™ fibre cement panels have been used as a design feature to separate the two townhouses visually and physically. Painted a slightly darker colour than the Duratex™ facade, the visual appeal of the large, robust and hardwearing panels is excellent.

Durafloor™ has been used on the balconies of both townhouses. Easy to install, using the same tongue-and-groove technology as traditional sheet flooring, this system has the added bonus of installation costs being lower than standard compressed sheeting, and with greater impact resistance.

No matter your style or budget, Innova™ has a fibre cement facade system solution for your next project.

Easy to work with and loved by builders and homeowners alike, Innova’s fibre cement cladding range is a high quality, design savvy, and cost effective solution to your facade needs.