The Best New Dimension range of pavers is new to Australia. They incorporate the latest in European style and elegance and are suitable for both internal and external applications.  

These pavers are composed of a blend of natural stones, marble, and aggregates bonded with a highly resistant cement mix. This mix results in natural aesthetic qualities, fantastic strength and durability.    

The use of world class technology imported from Europe, combined with Best’s quality assured strict production control standards, ensure that New Dimension pavers are of high quality.                

New Dimension pavers don’t look like concrete pavers. They perfectly conceal their concrete composition and are identical to the natural stones they emulate. They blend beautifully into the environment with styles, textures and colours such as sandstone, limestone, slate and terracotta. Standard sizes are 300mm x 300mm, 400mm x 400mm, 500mm x 500mm and 600mm x 300mm. For large quantities, Best can customise to client specifications.  

The strength and durability of New Dimension pavers make ideal for use installation around swimming pools, including those that are salt chlorinated, with a special Bullnose Tile Range available to suit most finishes.