Best  believe it integral that their product range be designed to reflect the needs of all members of our community.  

Manufactured in accordance with AS 1428.4 : 2002, the Best Tactile range of surface indicator pavers aid those that are vision impaired. Their application assists in enabling these people to distinguish the exact location of their surroundings and increase confidence of their mobility.  

Established in 1993, Best Masonry are manufacturers of concrete pavers, terrazzo tiles, bricks, blocks, tactile surface indicators and retaining wall systems including the popular large–sized New Dimension Range of pavers.  

Best Bricks and Pavers hold the environment as a high priority in the work place.  They have eliminated waste, eliminated landfill and found a new way to save water by recycling the water used in producing its concrete pavers and terrazzo and tactile surface indicators.  

Best has experienced many benefits from this: reduction in water consumption by an average of 4800 litres a day, closed loop recycling of water and sludge, a $11,000 saving a month in landfill costs, clean production which eliminates all waste, and a healthier environment.