Cost effective and hygienic, Best Terrazzo Tiles’ distinctive appearance comes from a combination of natural materials and the latest in production technology. Floors surfaced with Best Terrazzo tiles actually improve with wear and age.  

Terrazzo Tiles combine beauty, performance and durability. They are particularly easy to maintain and are ideal for use in commercial and high traffic public areas. Universally appreciated for their performance benefits, Terrazzo tiles are becoming an integral part of the overall design scheme.      

Selected blends of granite, marble, other natural stones, premium marble dust, highly resistant cement and premium quality oxides are used to create the wearing face of the tile. Best carefully controls and selects the aggregate size of all stones used in the final tile to achieve the greatest possible clarity and richness of colour.    

In addition to Best’s standard Terrazzo Tile range, a variety of designs and effects can be created. Best’s Terrazzo tiles can be customised according to client specifications. They offer designers and architects an opportunity to select their own mixture of aggregates, marbles, and background colour to create a unique floor. 

Terrazzo Tiles are available from Best Point .