Bamboozle  products are easy to install and easy to maintain. They can be easily cleaned and different types of cleaning products can be used to clean it. Bamboo floors don’t expand or contract due to change in temperature and humidity and are unlike any other solid timber floor.

Bamboozle produces different varieties of bamboo products from its factory located in china. The pre finished boards are protected by a seal on every side and this contains polyurethane. Bamboo is also regarded as termite resistant. However in certain cases it has been seen that bamboo flooring are eaten by termites. Thus, to protect it from termites Bamboozle applies the mineral boron on the raw materials which improves the already natural resistance floors. Some prevention should be taken on behalf of customers to protect it from termites.

All the products of Bamboozle are hand graded for colour and quality in the factory itself before getting packed. Bamboozle maintains small variations in colours to give a natural look to its products. Based on the customer requests Bamboozle can achieve varying degrees of colour variance.