Bamboozle  provides a wide range and colour of bamboo floors. Bamboozle produces bamboo floors under the brand name of Bamwood. The bamboo floors produced by Bamboozle look like wood and are harder than jarrah.

Bamboozle has customers in Western Australia who feel that their lifestyle has been enriched with Bamwood floorings. There are various benefits of using bamboo for floorings. These include the toughness of bamboo in comparison with other wood such as jarrah, a fresh new look to the houses, there is no mess in using bamboo-like it need not be coated inside the home, it is easy to clean and easy to be installed.

Bamboozle provides Bamboo floors that are good looking as well as smooth to touch and feel. Bamwood from Bamboozle gives a unique look to each and every room of the house. Bamboo is also a forest-friendly product which gives its customers a good feel from within. Bamboozle manufactures products which suit to Australian conditions these products do not warp, crack or split.

Bamboozle also provides various services to its customers like advise on selection of bamboos to suit individual needs and choice, gives information during lead time and the installation process. Customers find it very pleasant to be related with Bamboozle as it provides them with personal touch and an eco-friendly experience.