Bamboozle  produces different varieties of bamboo products. The bamboo products produced by Bamboozle include Bamwood chestnut, Bamwood honey, and Bamwood caramel. Bamwood floors from Bamboozle have various features which include cross laminated centre layer, durability, a wooden look, pre-finished to make the installation quick, without any mess or odour. Bamwood floors from Bamboozle are available in raw boards which are again polished and sanded in the home, give more smooth and classic timber look, available in different colours of honey, chestnut, caramel.

Bamboozle offers different types of packages for its customers. The packages are complete installation packages, boards only packages, DIY-boards, bidding, glue, care kit, and standard delivery packages. These packages come under two types namely sand and polished. The prices of these packages vary accordingly.

Bamboozle also has products for the staircase and accessories too. There are different types of stairs and accessories which include solid tread bull nosed 20mm, solid tread 38mm, stair bull nosing, handrail, splay beading, skirting. These stairs and accessories are available in different dimensions which suits to the needs and types of different customers. Bamboozle has horizontal and vertical products under which there are two varieties of each type namely horizontal blonde, horizontal mocha; vertical blonde, vertical mocha.