Bailey Rotomould  is specialised in the rotational moulding industry. Bailey Rotomould has involved in construction and repair works for over thousands of sheetmetal tools. Bailey Rotomould has produced over 10,000 gallon water tanks, smaller size tanks and various rotational moulded products.

The various Bailey Rotomould products include the dangerous goods mould lid, double cavity container mould, drain riser mould, 45,000 liter tank mould, 22,500 liter tank mould lid, cartage tank mould and many more. Bailey Rotomould aqua edge line of water tanks are made with UV protected food grade polyethylene.

Bailey Rotomould is about to launch a range of slimlines and transportable tanks that will be available march 2008. The aqua trak tanks from Bailey Rotomould can be lifted by a fork lift. The different types of aqua trak transportable tanks available would include 500L, 1000L and 200l. The slimline tank range that is currently available at Bailey Rotomould includes a 650 L, 1600 L and a 2600 L.

For over 20 years Bailey Rotomould has been involved in the rotational moulding industry, manufacturing metal moulds like tools for a large number of major Australian based moulding companies.