Bailey Rotomould  offers a wide range of water tanks. Water tanks models from Bailey Rotomould includes a 700 litre round tank, a 700 litre round add on, 1400 litre round tank adder, 2200 litre round, 3300 litre round, 5500 litre round tank, 650 litre of slimline model, 2600 litre slimline, 500 litre aqua track, 1000 litre aqua track and a 2000 litre aqua track.

The water tank ranges at Bailey Rotomould comes with a standard that includes an 1” pump outlets with bung, a 1 ¾” tap outlet, a 1 ¾” swing tap, one mozzie strainer, one 90mm overflow, a stainless steel leaf, and a strainer.

The products are available in various colours for customers to choose from, these colours include a smooth cream, merino, beige, wheat, birch grey, jasper, heritage red, mountain blue, slat grey, heritage green, black, mist green and rivergum.

The water tank outlets are designed at Bailey Rotomould with a length of flexible hose that needs to be installed so as to allow the movement. The pipe works has to be fully supported. As for tank overflow, it is necessary to fit the mozzie strainer to the overflow before connecting it to the pipe.