Bailey Rotomould  provides a range of Slimline water tanks and transportable tanks available from 2008 May. Bailey Rotomould also provides Aqua Trak transportable tanks are available in 500 litre tank, 1000 litre and 2000 litre tanks. Bailey Rotomould is an Australian manufacturer and wholesaler of polyethylene water tanks.

Bailey Rotomould is family owned and operated company that currently produces water tanks from 700L - 5500L round. Every Bailey Rotomould products are designed using the latest three dimensional CAD development software. They are manufactured with rotational moulding machinery, in combination with some of most advanced procedures and technologies available to the industry today.

The Bailey Rotomould tanks are made in Australia, by Australians, for Australians. These tanks are available in colours including black, birch grey, beige, heritage red, heritage green, smooth cream, merino, wheat, jasper, mist green, rivergum, mountain blue and slate grey.

Bailey Rotomould is specialised in the rotational moulding industry. Bailey Rotomould has produced over 10,000 gallon water tanks, smaller size tanks and various rotational moulded products. As with the slimline tank range, it is currently available at Bailey Rotomould includes a 650 Litres, 1600 Litres and a 2600 Litres. The water tank outlets are designed at Bailey Rotomould with a length of flexible hose that needs to be installed so as to allow the movement.