B.A.T Trims  is a specialist in production of in-house and tile engineering products such as expansion joints, trims and colour grout. Brass and aluminium tiling trims are a major product range from the company.

Tiling trims from B.A.T Trims are primarily used to protect tiles from breakage and chipping. Brass and aluminum angle trims are use to ensure tear resistance and safety of the tile. These are mostly used in residential and light commercial units. Brass wide top angle trims consists of an 8mm wide top and are similar to standard angles. The Cove trim offers a seal between floors and walls.
B.A.T Trims also offers prefabricated internal and external corners with these trims. In places where only one side of a 90 degree angle joint is tilted, the Splash trim can be used. Expensive ceramic border tiles can be replaced by the Border trim from B.A.T Trims, which adds a visual appeal to the break between tiles.
The two major tool ranges from B.A.T Trims are stirring tools and mixers. The various stirring tools offered by the company are round stirrer, mortar stirrer, disc stirrer and the like. Popular mixers from B.A.T Trims are the EHR 15 SB and the EHR 13 SB.