B.A.T Trims  is a specialist supplier of tiles, tools and machinery in Australia. It is proficient in tiled engineering and in-house services. Some of its major product ranges include expansion joints, glass tiles, tools, colour grout and many more.

Expansion joints from B.A.T Trims consist of Batex and Mortarloc expansion joints. Batex expansion joints are built combining three separate components namely, angle, adhesive and neoprene infill. These components are physically and chemically treated to increase their tear-resistance. The Batex joint from B.A.T Trims comes in a number of sizes ranging from 8 x 6mm to 22 x 10mm. The colours that these are available in are black, grey and beige.

The Mortarloc expansion joint from B.A.T Trims is available in a variety of three different metals and four standard heights. The side plates are 1.2mm thick and protect the expansion joint from damage and floor polishing machinery.

The B.A.T 1K Grout is different from traditional grout as it does not contain any cement. Discolouration and fading is thus reduced in this grout. Other materials used in its production are non toxic and environmentally friendly. B.A.T 1K Grout is ideal for porcelain, terracotta, marble, granite and the like.