B.A.T Trims  is a specialist supplier of tiles, tools and machinery in Australia. It is proficient in tiled engineering and in-house services. Some of its major products ranges include expansion joints, glass tiles, tools, colour grout and many more.

The different types of glass tiles offered by B.A.T Trims are glasstyle, tilescape, jaspers, glassbends, river crystals, glasstains, stylecap and many more. Glasstyle is featured in 60 different colours. It can be found in 13 standard shapes. These tiles can also be used as corporate identification and murals. Exterior and interior wall covering applications can be done with the help of tilescape. These tiles are immune to discolouration or fading.

Etched glass mosaic from B.A.T Trims are known as jaspers. These glass tiles are easy to install as they need only standard tools. They are also frostproof. Claytrims from B.A.T Trims are available in two matte finishes- whitewash and leather. Some of the products in this range are fraser, volga, laplata, colorado, danube twister and many more. Glassplash is ideal for modern bathrooms and kitchens. It comes in 12 colours inspired by nature and the environment. It can be easily cleaned and is non flammable.
Other products from B.A.T Trims include colour grout, expansion joints, tools and brass and aluminium trims.