The heat detector provided by Automatic Fire Protection is designed in such a way to alarm when he heat causes a change in the temperature. The heat detectors are best suited in case of small confined space that is generally located on or near the ceiling. The smoke detector provided by Automatic Fire Protection detects fires more rapidly than the heat detector. The smoke detectors are best suited in case of large open space.

The flame detectors of Automatic Fire Protection respond to radiant energy from sources such as coals or flames and glowing embers. Flame detectors have fast detection capacity that makes them ideal in terms of high-hazard areas like industrial process areas, high-ceiling areas and atmospheres in which explosions may occur. Automatic Fire Protection offers fire detection system as per individual requirements based on variety of factors. The emergency warning intercommunication systems as well as the occupant warning systems are interconnected to either fire detection or suppression systems in order to activate automatically.
The gas suppression systems of Automatic Fire Protection offers comprehensive design as well as installation of new or replacement gas suppression systems including FM-200, Argonite and high pressure carbon dioxide systems. Automatic Fire Protection building products comprises of Fire rated glazing systems, Fire rated pillows, mortar and composite sheeting systems, Fire rated ceilings, Fire dampers and grills, Service penetrations, Walls and partitions and so on.