The fire blankets offered by Automatic Fire Protection are designed especially to smother flames as well as to protect people from radiated heat. The hose reels product of Automatic Fire Protection provides a reasonable controlled as well as accessible supply of water to combat fire. The length of the fire hose range between 30 to 36 metres. The hose reels are designed in such a way to deliver a minimum of 20 litres of water per minute.

The hydrant systems provided by Automatic Fire Protection are installed within properties for use by relevant fire authority. The automatic fire sprinklers of Automatic Fire Protection offers an important level of protection to building structures. The sprinkler systems can also be integrated into other systems like smoke control and air-handling systems automatic heat and smoke detectors as well as emergency warning and intercommunication systems.

The variety of sprinklers offered by Automatic Fire Protection comprises of Conventional Spray, Flush, Recessed, Concealed, Dry pendent, Sidewall, Fast response and Dry upright. The fire detection systems of Automatic Fire Protection provide an early warning of fire hazard for occupants. The common element of fire that can be detected consists of smoke, heat and flames.