Automatic Fire Protection  offers complete active as well as passive fire protection services and solution. The wide range of services offered by Automatic Fire Protection starts from supply of extinguishers to the design, servicing of multi million dollar fire protection, installation and detection projects. The fire protection services provided by Automatic Fire Protection consist of Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems, Aspirated Smoke Detection Systems, Emergency Warning and Intercommunication Systems (EWIS), Thermal & Smoke Detection Systems, Exit and Emergency Lighting, Deluge and Water Spray Water Mist Systems and Fire Doors.

Automatic Fire Protection in addition offers fire protection services such as Annual Safety Survey and Certification, Hydrant and Hose Reel Systems, Fixed and Portable Fire Extinguishers, Restaurant Supression Systems and Gas Supression Systems. Automatic Fire Protection offers products such as hose reels, fire extinguishers, diesel or electric pumps, sprinklers, gas suppression systems, fire detection systems and building products. Automatic Fire Protection offers services in terms of fire system design, fire system installation, supplied fire system products, compliance, maintenance and certification, turn key solutions.

The fire extinguisher range offered by Automatic Fire Protection includes Water Fire Extinguishers (Class A fires), Mobile Extinguishers (for large requirements), Foam Extinguishers (Class A or B fires),Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers (Class B and E fires), Dry Chemical Extinguishers (Class E and C fires) and Wet Chemical Extinguishers (Class F and A fires).