Sealing a sliding door so that a building is able to achieve the right interior environment and climate is difficult enough, but when you add an automated sliding door to the mix, the task becomes near impossible.

For Melbourne-based Perrott Lyon Mathieson Architects, this challenge was easily resolved with the help of Architectural Hardware Consulting (AHC) and Australia’s largest automatic door operator manufacturer, Auto Ingress.

The architects were responsible for the upgrade of the Mornington Peninsula Art Gallery, one of the nation’s leading regional galleries, and their designs divided up the building’s Art Gallery Spaces while creating new foot traffic avenues for seamless transitions.

However, the nature of the project meant that the design team had to take into account certain special considerations to achieve Art Gallery Accreditation, particularly for areas that had to be climate controlled. As a result, any door openings they introduced had to go over and beyond the usual compliance requirements.

Auto Ingress ’ Logic Slide (LS) 300 sliding doors were specified to overcome these challenges. A bi-parting/single slide model that can operate up to 190kg per leaf in wide range of applications, the LS300 comes with a climate control function that helped the architects achieve the desired level of internal temperatures.

The doors’ slimline profiles and aesthetically pleasing narrow pelmet sections also fit in with the design intent of a minimalistic, well-concealed arrangement of seals.

Designed to suit heavy duty applications, the LS300 can be tailored for various traffic densities and suit timber, aluminium framed, glass, cavity sliding and servery window applications. It incorporates a ‘self-cleaning’ stainless steel track supported by a lifetime warranty, which means pitting, corroding or rough operation issues are completely done away with.

The LS300 sliding doors are also energy efficient with a noise suppressing end pulley that reduces chain noise by 30 per cent to ensure whisper quiet operation. They furthermore provide peace of mind with an electric motor lock that means doors will lock regardless of their alignment, and come with a host of actuation options, an interface with all Access control options, and a Device Manager Control Pad.

At the same time, a built-in uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system means doors remain operable even during a power failure.

As with all other products in Auto Ingress’ Logic Slide Series, LS300 doors are manufactured in Australia and compliant with current Australian Standards (AS5007-2007) for sliding door assemblies, as well as Egress Codes and council by-law for fail-safe operations. There is a five year warranty on the motor and gear box, and standard comprehensive warranties on all componentry.

The other models in the Logic Slide range cater for a variety of other uses, from lightweight panels and medium traffic areas, through to heavy duty panels and high density traffic requiring frequent use. To find out more, please visit