Auto Ingress Automatic Doors  provides innovative access solutions in its range of automatic door equipment. These automatic doors blend seamlessly into modern architectural developments on account of slim design and quality construction. Auto Ingress Automatic Doors cater to light to extremely heavy duty applications and can adapt to both heavy single and bi-parting doors.

Auto Ingress Automatic Doors uses D.C. motors in all its automatic door systems LogicSlide from Auto Ingress Automatic Doors suits both the aluminium framed and frameless glass doors. The automatic doors are equipped with a multitude of safety devices such as infra red beams, built-in safety reversing and microprocessor controlled torque limiting mode. In addition to these safety devices, intelligent obstruction detection is programmed within the automatic doors which helps in constant monitoring of the system.

Auto Ingress Automatic Doors also uses intelligent microcomputer technology in its automatic door equipment. Microcomputer technology monitors every movement of the door and has an automatic compensation for climatic conditions such as wind and normal wear. In addition to this, an inbuilt, self-monitoring and recalibrating feature in the automatic doors enables the microcomputer to reprogram itself back to its peak performance settings.