Range of automatic door systems from Auto Ingress Automatic Doors include angled doors, bi-parting doors, bi-sliding doors, breakout doors, safety glass slim doors, servery windows, safety glass slim door profiles, single sliding doors, single double doors and swing doors.

Angled doors are two door leaves that come together to meet on a corner 90° to 180°. Bi-parting doors are two door leaves opening in opposite directions from the centre whereas bi-sliding doors are two door leaves sliding back in the same direction. Breakout doors are emergency push leading doors and single sliding doors are one sliding door leaf that opens in only one direction.

Auto Ingress Automatic Doors offers a number of automatic door opening configurations to suit specific needs. A complete range of options and accessories is also available to cater to specific project requirements.

Automatic door accessories include digital key pads, electric motor lock, electromagnetic locking, keyed mode switch, mode switch, master keying options, panic lock, remote controls, sensors, time locks, push buttons and two-position entry key switch.

Auto Ingress Automatic Doors also offers automatic gate openers such as sliding gate openers and single and double swing gate openers.