The National Construction Code (NCC) 2022 will see some sections become mandatory from 1 May 2023. These include the new Australian Standard: AS 1288:2021 Glass in buildings — Selection and installation with specific changes to Balustrades.

Balustrades over 5m to the exposed ground level will no longer be allowed to use monolithic toughened glass. This means laminated glass balustrades will be a more suitable option.

Australian Glass Group offers a full range of AGGLam laminated glass options, including custom made laminates. SkyGlass is one offering that is ideal for the new regulations. It is a structural frameless glass laminate made from a special interlayer that is sandwiched between two pieces of glass and custom-made to suit individual needs. As a performance solution it can also allow applications without the use of handrails, allowing more view and clean lines and AGG offers this service in-house for further support.

SkyGlass Ultra goes one step further by utilising ultra clear low iron glass to enhance your view even more, providing higher clarity and taking away the green edge that standard clear glass has – ideal for exposed balustrading with no handrails.

Enjoy the freedom of SkyGlass and SkyGlass Ultra to create more light and space in your design with full engineered support from AGG.