The Block 2023’s House 4 presented contestants Steph and Gian with a design quandary that many contemporary designers face: how to meld aesthetics with functionality while retaining a core commitment to sustainability? The home, drawing inspiration from Japanese and Scandinavian design, demanded a seamless integration of natural light and thermal efficiency.

As a modern luxury home, House 4 features expansive open spaces, so regulating temperature could become a major concern. Furthermore, the diverse spaces, from the open-plan dining room to the palatial main bedroom domain, needed consistent lighting solutions that echoed the tranquil ambiance of the design ethos. Preserving the harmony of these international inspirations, while still delivering a home suited to the Australian lifestyle and climate, was paramount.


Enter the innovative use of high-performance windows and doors. To solve the challenge of temperature regulation without compromising on aesthetics, the architects leveraged AGG Insulglass LowE Plus® Clear double glazing in German-engineered aluplast uPVC window and door joinery. The resultant U-values of 1.7 – 1.8 are indicative of exceptional insulation, ensuring minimal heat transfer and, thus, better energy efficiency. Moreover, the SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) values ranging between 0.24 – 0.43, demonstrate the glazing’s capacity to modulate the influx of solar radiation.

Insulglass LowE Plus

These glazing solutions, fabricated by Eurotech Windows, encompassed an eclectic blend of tilt-turn, sash, fixed, smart-slide, French and hinged door systems, thereby, serving dual purposes. First, they acted as robust barriers, maintaining the home’s internal temperature, which synergised seamlessly with other energy efficient measures, such as solar panels and underfloor heating. Second, they contributed aesthetically by enhancing the diffusion of natural light, a vital component in evoking the tranquillity inherent in both Japanese and Scandinavian designs.

By integrating these high-performance glazing systems with eight strategically placed skylights, the architects ensured the flood of abundant but controlled natural light throughout the property. This luminance accentuated the beauty of the interior elements, such as the Taj Mahal quartzite stone, genuine oak flooring, and walnut timber accents.

Moreover, the choice of the aluplast uPVC Ideal 4000 system for the joinery further reiterated the project’s commitment to sustainability. uPVC, being recyclable, durable, and requiring minimal maintenance, made it an environmentally conscious selection. It also contributed to the home’s sound insulation, creating pockets of serenity, a necessary attribute for a dwelling inspired by Japanese zen and Scandinavian hygge.

“EuroTech Windows has been a proud installer and manufacturer of aluplast uPVC double glazed windows and doors, using AGG LowE Plus for House 4 at The Block 2023, and it’s been a fantastic experience from start to finish,” said Evgen Zhadan, Director at EuroTech Windows.

“From the very beginning, we knew we were in for something special. The dedication and creativity of all the contestants have truly shone, and House 4’s transformation has been a testament to what can be achieved with hard work and quality craftsmanship.”

The design and styling of 20 Charming Street manifests a brilliant interplay of form and function. By opting for AGG LowE Plus double glazing in uPVC joinery, they not only fortified the home’s energy efficiency but also enhanced its aesthetic aura, a showcase of the potential of innovative architectural solutions.

At auction time, House 4 sold for $5.0M, winning the 2023 season with an all-time record winning profit.

Project details

Project: The Block 2023 – House 4

Address: 20 Charming Street, Hampton East, VIC 3188

Couple: Steph and Gian

Fabricator: EuroTech Windows

Builder: Nine in Six 

Architect: Group Architects

Product: Insulglass LowE Plus®


Outer: 4mm & 5mm Clear Toughened

Spacer: 18mm & 20mm + Argon Gas

Inner: 4mm & 5mm LowE Plus Toughened

Photos courtesy of: Marnie Hawson and Peter Hyatt