The transformation of House 5, an outdated 1950s home into a modern, family-centric, and energy efficient dwelling that captures the essence of contemporary design while retaining a 7-star energy rating was a challenging task. The design of The Block 2023’s largest home features substantial open spaces and extensive use of glass that could have potentially led to significant energy loss, inconsistent indoor temperatures, and compromised comfort.

Furthermore, in a mid-century transformation with such volume, there was a risk of design elements feeling cold or disconnected from the envisaged warmth and elegance. The use of glass, especially in large areas like the grand foyer and extensive sliding doors, meant that the chosen glazing solution had to align with the home’s energy efficiency goals while complementing its aesthetics.


AGG Insulglass LowE Plus® clear double glazing, housed within German-engineered woodgrain aluplast uPVC Ideal 4000 system joinery fabricated by Astellite, presented the optimal solution. These windows and doors offered U-values of 1.6 and SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) between 0.40 – 0.45. In simpler terms, this means the glazing provided superior insulation, reducing heat loss during colder months, and preventing excess solar heat entry during warmer days. This high-performance glazing supported the home’s 7-star energy efficiency ambitions, allowing the occupants to enjoy the benefits of vast expanses of glass without energy compromises.

Insulglass LowE Plus

From a design perspective, using LowE Plus double glazing in aluplast’s woodec uPVC surface seamlessly blended with the home’s aesthetic aspirations. The entrance, intriguingly set to the side rather than the front, boasts a timber-slatted enclave that harmoniously contrasts with the glass front door, echoing the fusion of modernity with rustic charm. This feeling continues with large sliding doors offering transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces. The glazing ensures that these expansive openings do not become energy drains while providing clear, unobstructed views of the gardens and pool area.

One of the standout areas where the glazing truly shines is the living zone. A unique round glass and steel fireplace, paired with expanses of high-performance glazing, ensures a cosy atmosphere. The house’s other areas, like the upstairs bedrooms and the pool-adjacent guest suite, which opens up through timber-encased bifold doors, further benefit from the double glazing by ensuring comfort and energy efficiency, irrespective of the season.

Beyond the palpable warmth and comfort, sustainable features such as zoned ducted heating/air conditioning, sensor lighting, and instant hot water accentuate the eco-friendly focus of this mid-century transformation.

“Astellite take great pride in its contribution to ‘The Block’ House 5, creating more than just windows, but a dedicated commitment to revolutionising Australian living. Our windows not only enhance your living experience but also seamlessly integrate with a sustainable and energy-efficient lifestyle, thanks to our cutting-edge aluplast profiles and glazing solutions,” cited Astellite directors, Lukas and Peter Kot.

High performance glazing was pivotal in transforming 22 Charming Street into a luxury family home with contemporary functionality. The LowE Plus double glazing in aluplast’s woodec uPVC surface not only ensured that the house achieved its energy efficiency goals but also elevated the aesthetic coherence and comfort of the entire home.

At auction time, House 5 sold for $4.3M.

Project details

Project: The Block 2023 – House 5

Address: 22 Charming Street, Hampton East, VIC 3188

Couple: Eliza and Liberty

Fabricator: Astellite

Builder: Nine in Six

Architect: Group Architects

Product: Insulglass LowE Plus®


Outer: 4mm & 5mm Clear Toughened

Spacer: 14mm & 16mm + Argon Gas

Inner: 4mm & 5mm LowE Plus Toughened

Photos courtesy of: Marnie Hawson and Peter Hyatt