The Block 2023 House 2 by Leah and Ash presented a distinctive design challenge: how to infuse the luxury of modern Art Deco styling while ensuring adaptability for dynamic family lifestyles. The home’s architectural design envisioned a sunlit family zone, multiple bedrooms, and an alfresco area. Simultaneously, privacy, especially in areas like the vast master-domain, and energy efficiency were crucial considerations.

The house required advanced glazing solutions to provide insulation, security, and style, enhancing the curvaceous architectural details and modern Art Deco styling, while offering adaptability.


High performance glazing and window systems answered these design challenges, with Insulglass LowE Plus® clear double glazing leading the way. Used throughout this double-storeyed home, the double-glazing units set into uPVC window and door joinery, fabricated by Living Design Double Glazing, melded style and function seamlessly. The inclusion of toughened glass in the double glazing added further strength and Grade A safety.

The Insulglass LowE Plus clear double glazing used throughout the home ensures maximum energy efficiency. This not only offers significant savings on energy bills but also guarantees a comfortable interior temperature regardless of the season. The argon filled space between the double-glazed panels acts as a further insulator, reducing heat transfer and ensuring the house remains cool in summer and warm in winter. Thermal efficiency is maximised in this stylish renovation.

The aludec jet black framing was consistent throughout, maintaining a uniform look that complemented the home’s modern Art Deco aesthetic. The glazing played a pivotal role in areas such as the master-domain, where privacy was essential. Translucent laminated panels ensure light diffusion without compromising on privacy.

Insulglass LowE Plus

In spaces like the multipurpose studio, the tilt-turn double glazed window systems provide flexibility in ventilation. Residents can tilt the windows for slight airflow or fully open them for maximum ventilation. This versatility is crucial for areas intended for diverse uses, from a busy family space to a quiet guest suite.

The robust uPVC frames paired with the LowE Plus glazing with toughened glass ensures enhanced security. Importantly, the laminated panels add a greater level of occupant safety, further reducing the risk of breakage.

Given the family-centric design of the house, it was crucial to optimise peace within the four walls. The double glazing and aluplast window systems effectively insulate against external noise, be it from the street or gatherings in the home’s alfresco zone.

“Living Design Double Glazing were thrilled to be working alongside the contestants and be a part of The Block 2023, supplying advanced windows systems to complement the contemporary design of House 2. It’s been a great experience, allowing us the opportunity to demonstrate the skills and experience of our team, and our capabilities,” said Del Armour, project manager at Living Design Double Glazing.

The Insulglass LowE Plus clear double glazing in uPVC window and door joinery was pivotal in translating Leah and Ash’s vision for House 2 into reality. The result? A modern, energy-efficient Art Deco masterpiece, ready for the future, and adaptable to changing lifestyles.

At auction time, House 2 was passed in and did not sell. It is estimated to sell at around $3.1M.

Project details

Project: The Block 2023 – House 2

Address: 16 Charming Street, Hampton East, VIC 3188

Couple: Leah and Ash

Fabricator: Living Design Double Glazing

Builder: Nine in Six

Architect: Group Architects

Product: Insulglass LowE Plus® Clear


Insulglass LowE Plus

Outer: 4mm & 6mm Clear Toughened

Spacer: 12mm, 16mm & 20mm + Argon Gas

Inner: 4mm & 6mm LowE Plus Toughened

Photos courtesy of: Marnie Hawson and Peter Hyatt