A home in suburban Melbourne has installed Insulglass LowE Plus IGUs to deliver high thermal performance in a climate with temperature extremes. LowE Plus combines high clarity and visible light transmittance with excellent insulation performance.


The suburb of Park Orchards, just over 20km north-east of Melbourne’s CBD, but bordering the Yarra Valley has a variable climate with temperature extremes. Given the disparity between the building’s seasonal heat load in summer and harsh winter climates, it was essential to ensure occupant comfort in the design by comprehensively addressing insulation (U-Value) and solar control (SHGC).

The design brief also presented opportunities. Managing director at Opulent Homes, Robert Ameer says, “Aesthetically, we wanted to create a series of extremely large panels to provide a strong visual link between indoors and outdoors. We were seeking a solution that would enable the house to look and feel as spacious and light filled as possible.”

The significant volume of glazing in this contemporary design called for the specification of a high-performance framing and glazing system.


The materials were specified for their technical excellence in discussion with the supplier. “Insulglass LowE Plus IGUs were chosen mainly to achieve the best thermal performance possible, resulting in a minimal level of heat and cold transfer between interior and exterior,” says Robert. “We appreciated its capability to achieve the highest performance possible due to its superb insulating qualities.’’

Housing these high performance IGUs is an equally advanced framing system. “To complement the performance glazing, we specified an improved thermally broken aluminium framing system from Design Window Solutions,” Robert notes. “Together, the framing and glazing work wonders in terms of efficiency.”

AGG Insulglass is a trusted product for this design and build company. “Most of our projects use Insulglass,” Robert confirms. “As we routinely use passive solar principles on site, the LowE range within Insulglass works to reradiate heat internally during winter months, working similarly on the outer facing during hot summer months. This high performing glazing technology allows for expansive glazed areas without compromising energy efficiency or the desired aesthetic.”

“We designed the house to make the indoor and outdoor areas as visually integrated as they could possibly be,” Robert explains. “The clients were seeking pool views with this north-facing home, as well as views of the yard’s integrated orchard. Fortunately, the extremely large Insulglass LowE Plus IGUs made those sightlines possible, while keeping energy consumption low.”

The results speak for themselves. “We managed to achieve a high energy rating by using quality materials together with passive solar heat gain principles,” says Robert. “Throughout the winter months, the sun’s rays are captured within the glazed areas to heat the concrete flooring (and therefore the whole house). Heat is retained within the home’s mass as the sun hits the concrete floor, further reducing the need for additional energy.”

The arrangement of the eaves and windows also optimises the home’s environmental advantages. “The large eave over the home’s north face prevented direct sunlight hitting the windows at the height of summer and adjacent times, while the low winter sun is effectively captured,” Robert concludes.

It’s another perfect example of energy efficient glazing materials supporting smart design to provide the desired client outcomes.

Project details

Insulglass LowE Plus IGU Specification:

  • Outer: Clear Toughened
  • Spacer: Argon Gas
  • Inner: LowE Plus Toughened

Site Address: Park Orchards, VIC 3114

Fabricator: Design Window Solutions

Builder: Opulent Homes

Design: Opulent Homes

Photos: Opulent Homes