Completed in 2021, the complex houses 37 spacious one, two and three-bedroom home-sized apartments. Located in Heidelberg, Victoria, the building’s aesthetics, amenities, quality construction, fitout, and proximity to parkland have all contributed to the success of the project.

There was a desire for the building’s exterior to display a striking translucent appearance, a feature which would form a key part of Vive Apartments’ visual signature. However, with such expansive use of glazing in this exposed location, privacy was an equally important factor.

The penthouse was also designed to achieve an impressive ‘floating’ effect, which called for large sections of glazing to be used within that level.

The final vision for Vive Apartments was to provide all residents with an unbeatable combination of luxury, comfort and environmental sustainability, aided by the inventive use of high-performance glazing systems.


This essential specification was made possible by the unique capacities of Insulglass LowE Plus double glazing, working in concert with the aluminium framing suites manufactured by Wenro Windows.

To ensure each apartment made full use of the spectacular aspect, grey-tinted glass was added to the glass units for each of the expansive glazed areas. The grey tint’s distinctive sheen perfectly contrasts with the curving white balustrades and fencing, while blending in with the dark framing elements.

Privacy proved to be a further advantage of the glazing’s distinctive finish, an essential consideration in a highly exposed building such as Vive Apartments. While still maintaining visibility for residents to appreciate the panoramic views, the added grey tint also enhances occupant privacy.

The solar control properties of the glazing enable it to absorb high amounts of solar heat and its low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) prevents excessive heat from entering into the apartments’ interior, improving occupants’ comfort while minimising internal temperature fluctuation. This combination of properties substantially reduces the need for artificial cooling in warmer months, decreasing heat loads while minimising glare-related discomfort.

Visually, the glazing system’s unique physical properties enabled greater design freedom along with heightened external appeal. In this respect, Vive Apartments’ highly distinctive glass profile proved to be one of this project’s biggest assets. Featuring glazed balustrades in combination with extensive wraparound windows, this innovative design was able to make the most of surrounding parkland views while meeting stringent energy efficiency standards.

Project details

Product: LowE Plus with Grey Tint for extra solar control, desired look, and privacy as well as excellent insulation performance (low U-Value).

Insulglass LowE Plus


  • Outer: 5mm Grey Toughened
  • Spacer: 14mm Spacer with Argon Gas
  • Inner: 5mm LowE Plus Toughened

Site Address: Heidelberg, VIC 3084

Fabricator: Wenro Windows

Builder: iurada

Architect: Ascui & Co Architects

Photos courtesy of: iurada