Kingwood exterior cladding was used in a unique non-conventional application in a residential project in Putney, NSW, which demonstrated the versatility of the product.

The client involved in the DIY project was so impressed with the texture and appearance of Kingwood exterior cladding QBO-16 that he decided to utilise it for soffit lining.

The soffit lining was constructed in exactly the same way as wall cladding. The concealed fixing option was chosen for aesthetic purposes. The shiplap design of QBO-16 allows boards to click together and conceal the metal fixings. Combined with their proprietary clip system, the design provided more than adequate support for the ceiling application. 

The project took advantage of the light weight of Kingwood cladding products, which gives them this versatility. The client was pleased with the product as it generated a warm effect to an otherwise dull, colourless ceiling. 

Kingwood cladding products are available from Australia National Building Material Pty Ltd.