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    Australia National Building Material Pty Ltd.

    Kingwood Composite Timber Ceiling by Australia National Building Material

    The Kingwood Timber Ceiling Systems range includes options such as linear ceiling, modular ceiling, curved ceiling or custom made ceiling solutions. Systems consist of boxed section profiles which vary in depth, width and steel furring channels. Kingwood Timber Ceiling Systems provide great uniformed and continuous run profile effects.

    Kingwood Timber Ceiling Systems are ideal of a variety of large commercial projects such as hotels, resorts, shopping centres, aquatic centres, sports centre and gyms, universities and even the interior decoration of residential apartment and buildings.

    Ceiling Panels can be arranged in a number of directions for aesthetic appeal:

    • Recyclable and made from up to 70% recycle hardwood waste
    • Modular Timber Ceiling units are 600 x 600 tile profiles that vary in design and patterns
    • Curved Timber Ceilings are an eye catching feature
    • Strong, robust design and flexible in matching with tight radius profiles
    • Panels have a continuous curvature, giving flowing wave affect
    • Range of architectural decorative features and functions
    • Individual panels are equipped with air pockets (additional insulation)
    • Low in maintenance and cost effective
    • Extremely low VOC and Formaldehyde content

    Linear Ceiling Profiles:

    • THO-08 (100mm x 20mm)
    • THO-09 (40mm x 45mm)
    • THO-14 (40mm x 20mm)
    • THO-16 (100mm x 40mm)
    • THO-19 (173.5mm x 24mm)
    • THO-21 (50mm x 25mm)
    • BYI-01 (50mm x 3.3mm)
    • BYI-04 (25.4mm x 2.5mm)
    • BYI-07 (90mm x 4.3mm)

    Curved Ceiling profiles:

    • THO-01 (38mm x 12mm)
    • THO-03 (51mm x 16mm)
    • QBI-01 (158mm x 9mm)
    * All profiles can be pin-perforated to achieve acoustic function.

    Installation of Kingwood Timber Ceiling incorporates supporting furring channels that allows boards to be clipped straight into it, making installation simple and fast. Panels are extremely lightweight and make for effortless handling of materials.

    Ceiling Accessories include Furring Channel, Rod and Corner Strips.

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