The Adobe Sydney Office has had a make-over with a composite timber ceiling from Kingwood, which is imported by Australia National Building Material .

The THO-16 profile was used and is part of the Linear Ceiling range from Kingwood, which are pin-perforated profiles so as to achieve acoustic function.

The Adobe office installation used a walnut coloured timber ceiling covering 50sqms.

A composite timber ceiling from Kingwood is the latest technology in architectural timber ceiling solutions. It gives architects and builders flexible and innovative ways of creating features.

Smooth curves and shadows can be created with the innovative composite timber ceiling products from Kingwood.

Composite timber ceilings are lightweight, with up to 75% weight savings in certain applications, but the aesthetic of the composite timber ceiling is natural in look and texture.

Panel lengths have a random grain texture and can be extruded in various shapes up to 8m in length. The THO-16 profile used in the Adobe office is 100 x 40mm and 4m in length.

Panels come in a wide range of colours including cherry, cedar, kingwood, rosewood, and teak, and have minimum colour fading.

Composite timber ceilings from Kingwood can be used in various applications, including semi-outdoor areas, hotels, offices, gyms, swimming pools, pubs, restaurants, and architectural buildings and showrooms.

There are significant savings in material and installation costs when using a composite timber ceiling.