The prefabricated guard booth provided by Austin Mohawk is well suited for high traffic situation. The attendants of the clients have access to both sides where one side is secure and can be ADA compliant. The guard booth series offered by Austin Mohawk consists of Classic, Easy Round, Heavy Duty, Classic or bullet resistance, Governor, Sharpline, Colonial, Columbia and Masonic.

The utility building offered by Austin Mohawk is well suited for remote storage of equipments. The series of utility building of Austin Mohawk includes Classic and statesman. The press box of Austin Mohawk provides an excellent visibility while promoting school spirit. The press box is also available along with camera decks that include weather tight roof hatch and internal ladder. Press box of Austin Mohawk also offers electric molding that ha access to data and CATV ports.

Austin Mohawk offers shelter such as transit shelters, equipment shelters, smoking shelters, stairwell shelter, waiting shelter, bicycle shelter, information shelter and enclosed walkway. The prefabricated shelters of Austin Mohawk are much faster to install with attractive, durable and low maintenance. The prefabricated transit shelter offers excellent security in the waiting area along with variety of options in order to keep the users comfortable.