Austin Mohawk  offers high quality prefabricated metal structures. The product line provided by Austin Mohawk consists of its exclusive FrameFast framing system, canopies, shelters and buildings. The utility of prefabricated metal buildings and shelter starts from access guard booths or control booths to parking booths to cash transaction building and security buildings. The metal canopies offered by Austin Mohawk are easy to install and also provides ultimate in drive by appeal.

The prefabricated booths as well as metal buildings can be custom built either in steel or aluminium. The custom built buildings and booths are functional, modular and aesthetically pleasing. The building and booths variety of Austin Mohawk start from cashier booths to convenience store to weigh station buildings. The prefabricated building variety offered by Austin Mohawk encompasses range such as security building, attendant booth, guard booth, ticket booth, press box, utility building, convenience store, toll booth, dugout and equipment storage building.

The security booth offers clients with its presence in remote location. Security booth can also be manufactured with the help of bullet resistance to UL level 8 as well as matching steel platform for added visibility. The styles of security booth provided by Austin Mohawk comprises of Alford, Resist, Stainless Peer, Fort Bull, Classic, Statesman and Defiance.