The metal canopies of Austin Mohawk consist of Gas station canopy, Access control canopy, Traffic control canopy and commercial canopy. The metal canopies are constructed by keeping in high end quality. The gas station canopies of Austin Mohawk helps in stopping traffic in busy streets with eyes appeal and instantly recognisable brand treatment. The gas station canopies series offered by Austin Mohawk includes styles such as Aframe, Chevron, Shell, Vaulted Roof, Farm Stand, Colonial, Hip Ends, Williamsburg, The Waves, Shear with Rd Corners, Custom Truss.

The traffic control canopy of Austin Mohawk offers an attractive as well as efficient ways of keeping vehicle moving and organized in terms of custom crossing, controlled entrance onto bridges or into facilities and toll roads. The commercial canopy of Austin Mohawk serves myriad of purposes like acting as a convenient story canopy, drive through coverage in terms of mobile customers and gas station canopy.

The commercial canopy styles provided by Austin Mohawk comprises of Stormwater Run off, Carwash Canopy, Loading Dock Shear with Top Deck, Shear and Gable Roof. The custom designed canopies meet the unique image of the organization. The frame fast framing system of Austin Mohawk is one of the innovative systems that offer steel building frames, structural roof deck or trusses and laminated R-19 walls.