The Callguard product provided by Austco Communications Systems includes complete monitoring, intercommunication system and emergency call that are specifically designed in terms of long-term and aged care such as hostels or nursing homes, retirement village and so on. Dementia care integrates with callguard in order to offer total non-intrusive Dementia Care monitoring and emergency call system for the care of residents suffering from confusion in terms of Altzheimer or with other kind of Dementia disorder.

Lightcom product provided by Austco Communications Systems is a cost effective traditional audio visual nurse call system that takes solid state electronic technology in order to offer complete range of alarms and call type alerting nurses to patients call through centrally located annuciator panels.

The Cellguard product offered by Austco Communications Systems is one of the efficient and effective cell intercommunication, management and monitoring system that are designed specifically to meet statutory duty of care requirement with reference to harsh prison, lock-up or other secure accommodation environments. Austco Communications Systems encompasses clients such as private hospitals, public hospitals, private and public aged care providers, correctional and police facilities. Austco Communications Systems is well know for its superior communication systems across the world.