Austco Communications Systems  is one of the leading companies in the highly specialized field of electronic communication with reference to secure accommodation and health care. Austco Communications Systems designs as well as manufactures bestowed nurse care and call management systems for hospitals, dementia care and aged care markets. Austco Communications Systems manufactures secure accommodation intercommunication system that is recognized throughout the world for its innovative approach in terms of high security monitoring.

The product range offered by Austco Communications Systems covers comprehensive communication solutions for acute care, aged care and secure accommodation. All the products offered by Austco Communications Systems focuses on a single objective in order to fully integrate care management through technology so as to offer specific operational solution required by each and every client. Austco Communications Systems engineers’ offers operational solutions with unparalleled capabilities in terms of software content that are included in the design.

Austco Communications Systems offers products like Medicom, Callguard, Lightcom and Cellguard. Medicom offered by Austco Communications Systems is a comprehensive nurse call system taking up solid state electronic technology and software in order to provide flexible and complete range of call type, display faciliting prompt as well as efficient responses by nurses to patient’s calls, alarms. Medicom are designed specifically for acute care facilities and hospitals.