Austco Communications Systems  is a provider of hospital or nursing home emergency as well as paging communication equipment. Austco Communications Systems designs as well as manufactures committed nurse call system and care management system in terms of dementia care, aged care as well as for hospitals. Austco Communications Systems offers acute care solutions, aged care solutions and secure accommodation solution.

Austco Communications Systems has specially designed ‘Callguard’ that offers a complete as well as 24 hours reliable emergency and monitoring call system that are useful for aged-care accommodation such as hostels, retirement village and nursing homes. Medicom is a specially designed product in order to use in case of acute care facilities. The Cellguard product from Austco Communications Systems offers features such as speech recording of calls, prisoner at risk monitoring, staff reduction at night, maintain security and integrity of staff, locating beacons to detect GSM phones, positional attack alarm, covert monitoring to all cells and so on.