Aussie Stainless Design  has been manufacturing and supplying high quality stainless steel numbers and letters to customers all over Australia. Their products are also being exported to other countries now.

The stainless steel numbers and letters from Aussie Stainless Design present an attractive way to highlight the address and house numbers of a customer’s premises. Since these letters and numbers are made using high quality three hundred and four grade satin-finish stainless steel sheets, Aussie Stainless Design ensures that these letters and number last for years even after being exposed to extreme weather conditions that are normally prevalent in Australia.

Laser cutting of the letters and numbers ensures that customers receive smooth letters and numbers. Customers have a wide choice of sizes to choose from when ordering from Aussie Stainless Design.

The varied sizes of the letters and numbers ensure that the customer receives a product that blends smoothly with the surroundings that the letters or numbers will be placed in. Customers can choose from letters and numbers in sizes ranging from sixty millimetres all the way upto three hundred millimetres.

The products are normally delivered to the customers within seven days of the order and receipt of payment by Aussie Stainless Design.