Aussie Stainless Design  is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality stainless steel numbers and letters. These stainless steel numbers and letters are shipped all over Australia. Aussie Stainless Design also exports the numbers and letters worldwide on customer requests.

The steel numbers and letters that Aussie Stainless Design manufactures are made from flat 1.5 milli metres, grade three hundred and four, satin-finish stainless steel sheets. These quality sheets ensure that customers get only quality products when they order goods from Aussie Stainless Design.

Aussie Stainless Design follows a unique process in the manufacture the numbers and letters. Aussie Stainless Design uses lasers to cut out the numbers and letters from the stainless sheets that they use. Compared to the traditional methods of cutting using metal cutters, cutting the sheet using lasers ensures a very smooth finish and there are no jagged edges on the letters and numbers.

The use of high quality satin finish stainless steel ensures that the letters and numbers retain their lustre and shape for years, even after being directly exposed to harsh weather conditions which exist in Australia.