Aussie Stainless Design  offers decorative alphabets and numbers that can be used as an alternative to signboards. Offering products of high quality stainless steel, Aussie Stainless Design’s letters and numbers look attractive and also present a fresh new, look.

Using these stainless steel numbers and letters instead of the traditional name plates make the front of houses look unique and appealing. These numbers and letters are ideal for houses which have been built on modern architectural lines. The clean lines attractive shapes add to the appeal of these numbers.

Aussie Stainless Design also manufactures a range of attractive letterboxes. These stainless steel letterboxes come in a number of designs from free standing letterboxes to wall integrated marine grade letterboxes made of stainless steel.

All the products that Aussie Stainless Design sells are at cost effective and affordable. Aussie Stainless Design also has a comprehensive returns policy. It offers a full refund in case the customer changes his mind or dislikes the products after purchase.

The primary benefits that will accrue to the customer, upon using the letters and numbers from Aussie Stainless Design is that, the numbers can be glued to any surface, be it a house wall, fence or letterbox. These letters do not have any ugly fixing holes.