Aussie Pool Domes  is one of Australia's leading suppliers of cost effective pool enclosures. Aussie Pool Domes specialises in air-domes that allow the customer to enjoy a fully covered, enclosed pool all throughout the year. Aussie Pool Domes also distributes Fabrico Sun Domes and AquaShield telescopic pool enclosures.

The domes made by Aussie Pool Domes are simple and cost-effective methods of enclosing a pool. The domes are made of custom-engineered PVC, and typically have clear windows and an opaque roof. The domes are available in various colours and combinations. Installing this system will allow the customer to, quickly and cost-effectively turn their outdoor pool into an indoor one, enabling full use of the pool all year round.

Entry and exit is done through the use of a zippered entry panel. Each Aussie Pool Dome is custom made, hence the customer receives only a product that is made exactly to their own specifications. All products of Aussie Pool Domes are manufactured to exacting tolerances using state of the art equipment. By using the latest methods of construction, Aussie Pool Domes can deliver a dome will provide a customer with a long lifespan and years of trouble free service.