Aussie Pool Domes  is a reputed manufacturer of pool domes in the Australian market. The pool domes supplied by Aussie Pool Domes is manufactured using high quality materials and can withstand harsh conditions. These domes are ideally supposed to be used in winter to cover the pool and meant to be taken down in spring.

Customers can choose from a wide variety of colours when choosing their dome, the choice of colours will affect the amount of heat and light entering the dome. Aussie Pool Domes not only manufactures these state of the art PVC pool domes for standard sized pools but also for pools with non-standard sizes without charging any extra for them. The PVC pool domes supplied by Aussie Pool domes can cover pools upto six hundred and fifty square meters.

Aussie Pool Domes also provide a service whereby the company erects the domes and stores them away when they are not required for a small fee. Keeping in mind the fact that the zip of the dome is the weakest link in the dome, Aussie Pool Domes supplies an extra zip free with every dome it supplies. This field replaceable zip ensures that the customer is not let without a functional unit at any point in time.