The pool domes manufactured by Aussie Pool Domes come in three different styles. The standard style is one where the walls are of equal heights; this is the style that most customers opt for.

The other options available are a side and end tapering domes. A side or end taper unit would be applicable for areas where the dome is totally unprotected from the wind. Another reason for going in for side or end tapered domes would be to protect a scenic view that might be blocked by the dome itself.

The Fabrico sun domes supplied by Aussie Pool Domes offer the following advantages to the customers; it enables the pool to be used during off seasons, it heats water and air with solar heat thereby saving money and energy costs and finally reduces the maintenance costs of the pool.

The pool domes can be used for aboveground pools, in-ground pools as well as spas. The Fabrico sun domes are made with twelve-gauge vinyl that is supported by a series of aluminum tubes making them extremely durable. These domes can be installed by the customer or Aussie Pool Domes can arrange to get them installed depending on the customer’s preferences.