Reflective glass from Ausglass Industries adjusts the penetration of light effectively and softens the lightening inside. Reflective glass is available in various colours and offers good reflection and decoration results according to the kind of glass used.

The advantage in using reflective glass is that it reduces the absorption of heat inside room during summer providing cool atmosphere and reduces the electricity charges. In winter, reflective glass keeps the inside room warmer due to its heat preservation performance. The reflective glass protects the ultraviolet radiation from entering into the room.

The reflective glasses are available in various colours and offers heat insulation and protection with a single way permanent performance and can be adjusted to any type of degree. Reflective glass are used constructing commercial and civilian building.

Bullet-proof glass are made from three or more layers of glass and two or more layers of PVB films and are widely used in the restaurants, banks and stock houses. Single-layer high extensive fire rated glass with fire rated function is used in external doors and windows to prevent the spreading of the fire and smokes.

Laminated glass is made up of floating type glass and PVB film and has characteristic features like UV protection, architectural safety glazing, acoustical control and protects from burglars. Used in zoos and aquariums and are suitable where safety glazings are required.